TgDev – telegram bots development

Daysandbox Bot

Simple yet effective anti-spam bot. It removes links and forwarded messages written by users joined chatroom less than 24 hours ago.

Installed in 105000+ chatrooms

Join Cleaner Bot

Bot to remove messages about user joined or left chatroom

Installed in 320+ chatrooms

WatchDog Robot

Bot to remove messages of blacklisted types: sticker, file attachment, photo, video and other. Also it can ban other bots.

Installed in 17000+ chatrooms

No Arab Bot

Bot to remove arabic and persian spam from chat

Installed in 8100+ chatrooms

Lang Blocker Bot

Bot to remove messages written in unwanted languages.

Installed in 1800+ chatrooms

Grep Robot

Bot to remove messages that contains words from black-list

Installed in 2500+ chatrooms

No Sticker Bot

Bot to disable all stickers in chatroom

Installed in 8200+ chatrooms


Bot that allows new members to write to chat only when they answer few questions which can be configured by chat admin.

Installed in 1000+ chatrooms

Freq Robot

Bot to limit number of messages users can write to chat

Installed in 1000+ chatrooms

Wiki Robot

Bot to post text to chat on scheduled time

Installed in 1400+ chatrooms

No Hello Robot

Bot to remove hello messages from chatroom

Installed in 1800+ chatrooms

Hush Robot

Bot to mute/unmute chat

Installed in 200+ chatrooms

Tag Channel Bot

Bot to forward messages marked with specific tags from chat to channel

Installed in 390+ chatrooms


Bot to remove obscene words from chat

Installed in 950+ chatrooms

No China Bot

Bot to remove CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) spam from chat

Installed in 210+ chatrooms

Join Hider Bot

Bot to remove messages about user joined or left chatroom

Installed in 89000+ chatrooms

ReqMx Bot

Bot to shorten link URL with service

Installed in 20+ chatrooms


Bot to see telegram groups which the specific person is member of

Installed in 0+ chatrooms


Bot to see chats related to given chat

Installed in 0+ chatrooms